Wednesday, May 27th, 2015: Fryman Canyon

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This is a hike we’ve had planned for a while, not because the hike itself is particularly noteworthy, but because of who we were planning on bringing. Meet Caramel and Moses! They currently live at Lucky Puppy Rescue and Retail in Studio City, where Shannon and her boyfriend adopted their dogs from. Lucky Puppy is pretty much the shiz.

IMG_2874_2 IMG_2876_2

Now, these two particular dogs have a home lined up soon, but there are SO MANY MORE awesome puppies there that need homes. Volunteers are also always welcome if you want to go in and give doggies some love and/or exercise! And if nothing else they ALWAYS need donations; they are a 100% non-profit, so all donations [including adoption fees] are tax-deductible!


Moses is a leader

So for convenience’s sake, after we stopped at Lucky Puppy to pick up Caramel and Moses, we just swung around the corner to Fryman Canyon. Shannon has done this loop before with her own dogs because she lives nearby, but one of her dogs is arthritic and the other had spinal surgery to correct paralysis and her back legs are still not 100%. Plus they’re both fat, lazy, and spoiled. Anyway there are two options for a trailhead — one at the bottom of the loop, just off Laurel Canyon, and one at the top, off Coldwater Canyon. Because it was closer and involved less twisting and turning on the drive there [for the dogs’ sake] we went to the bottom.

There was a nice big parking lot there, and while there were a lot of cars there on a Wednesday morning, there were still plenty of spots open. It may be tougher to find parking on weekends. There apparently used to be a $3 fee to park in the lot but that’s gone now because justice prevailed.


These boys did not pace their peeing

Fryman Canyon is basically just a big loop that goes up and down. There are some nice views at points, but it’s very much a city hike. There’s really no point at which you feel like you could be out in the wilderness [especially because the trail is very populated], which is something we enjoy on other hikes, but you trade off for the easy access.


We could see Shannon’s apartment building from here


Dogs were less interested in views

The doggies had a great time! They were super-excited and pulled us pretty hard at first, haha, but they eased off once we’d been climbing for a while. When we got to an overlook, we took a little break and had some water. We didn’t have a dish to pour any water into for Caramel and Moses but they seemed like they were getting thirsty, plus it was getting warmer and the sun was coming out. So Allison helped them out.


It was too bright out for Shannon to see her thumb covering the lens so geT OFF HER BACK

Not long after we stopped for water we came to the upper trailhead, which is right at the park headquarters for Tree People. There actually is a little water fountain there for dogs, but either the spray freaked out Caramel and Moses, or they didn’t want to drink water that admittedly had some woodchips floating in it, or they got enough from Allison, because they were 100% Not Having It.

Also for some reason there was a largish group of children on a ridge above the trail howling into the abyss. They were actually howling. Allison howled back and the dogs did not.


They have better things to do

The trail then turned back downwards and the dogs picked up their pace again. They might have run all the way downhill if we had let them, but honestly we’re pretty sure we’d have tripped and died. The trail was still pretty full of hikers and runners too, so the risk seemed extra-not-worth-it. Besides, we were v busy having a conversation in which Shannon taught Allison all about butt plugs. You know, academically.

The trail actually ends before the loop finishes and lets out in a super-nice neighborhood. And we’re talking super-nice for Los Angeles; apparently a lot of celebs live in the area. Shannon’s heard a rumor that Clooney is one of them but don’t quote her, especially since she heard that before he settled down and became a boring old married so who even knows anymore.


That house, while certainly nice, was probably not Clooney’s

The street kept heading downhill so the dogs kept pulling for a while. The hikespeak page gave us the directions to get back to the parking lot [since Shannon had only done the whole loop once, several months back] but there were enough people around that all we had to do was follow the foot traffic. When the incline flattened out we did have to walk on the side of a street with no sidewalk and frequent cars, though, which wasn’t all that fun. Again, there were plenty of other people around, and it’s a well-known pedestrian walkway, but it’s never fun to be like three feet from a car zooming by.

So before long we were back at the parking lot! The dogs…still had a lot of energy. We honestly don’t understand how they weren’t worn out. But they returned to Lucky Puppy the conquering heroes, strutting back into their pen all “WE BRING YOU NEWS FROM THE OUTSIDE.”

Wildlife? SO VERY MANY DOGS. The foot traffic is too heavy for anything else, really. Though again, there were those howling children.

Musical moments? “Dust in my face,” sung to the tune of “dust in the wind.”

Conclusion? We mean, Fryman is Fryman. You have to expect a lot of people. But it’s predictable, simple, and not a bad way to get in three miles worth of exercise. If we decide to take some more Lucky Puppies for a hike, we’ll certainly do Fryman again. There’s really no reason for us to do it otherwise.

Thanks for reading! Allison is heading out of town to a wedding this weekend but we’ll be back next week with a new hike. Be sure to check out Lucky Puppy if you’re interested in helping some dogs in needs. And if you have any suggestions for us about hikes to try, please leave them in the comments!

Until next time,



One thought on “Wednesday, May 27th, 2015: Fryman Canyon

  1. We think you should bring Allison home with you on the 4th of July so we can all do a hike here in Illinois (or Wisconsin). Just think of all the fodder for your blog you’d have with mom and dad along.


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